Safety Culture at Baptist Health

Patient Safety is Part of Everything We Do

At Baptist Health, our goal is simple: Keep patients safe. While there are many parts of patient safety, including advanced medical technology, sophisticated process improvements, and up-to-date training programs, the most important part is people. Safety awareness is stressed by all Baptist employees at all levels of our organization, from physicians and nurses, to pharmacists and lab technicians, to researchers and environmental service technicians.

In fact, at Baptist Health, our commitment to safety is an important part of our mission, vision, and values. Our safety statement commits Baptist Health to continuously improving patient outcomes by creating a highly reliable organization focused on culture of safety.

Leading by Example

Safety starts with the leaders of our organization. Hospital presidents share safety best practices with the goal of keeping a constant focus on positive results. Leaders anticipate potential issues with an eye to putting safety plans in place before an unwanted event occurs. This focus on safety permeates throughout the rest of our organization so that patient safety is a priority for each team member.

Making Safety Happen

At Baptist, we are committed to implementing patient safety practices. Each of our hospitals has its own patient safety officer who addresses patient safety concerns and collaborates with the clinical leaders to implement process improvements.