When to Have the Talk

The best time to talk to your loved ones or commit an advance directive to paper is now. An advance directive is an ongoing process that can be started in whatever season of life you are in and can, and should be, updated throughout your life as your wishes may change. Many times these conversations are put off until end of life planning is needed, but at Baptist Health we encourage you to start the process of a living will in whatever stage of life you are in now.

If you are thinking about developing a plan for future medical care and you are not sure where to start, your wellness visit with your primary care physician may be a good time to explore the subject. If you have a life-limiting illness that is in an advanced stage, you and your doctor may work through the Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST) form that spells out which medical interventions and treatments that you desire. The MOST form, adopted by Kentucky in 2015, must be signed by a doctor, witnessed and is valid for a year. You can also fill out a living will. Both can be changed at any time if your wishes change.

To understand the differences and see the most common questions regarding advance care planning, visit our Advance Directives FAQ. You can easily upload those documents to MyChart so medical staff can access your advance directive quickly in a medical emergency.

Getting Started

Learn more about Advance Directives, as well as a Living Will Directive for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Or call the Advance Care Planning hotline.