Before Your Stay

What You Need to Bring to Admitting/Outpatient Registration
Your doctor will notify Baptist Health of your admission. If necessary, a representative from the pre-admitting office may contact you to compile information that will expedite your admission.

Patient Medical Information Release Form

Please arrive at the Registration Office at the time specified by your doctor. The staff will review the admitting information with you and make any necessary corrections. You also will be asked to sign medical authorization, insurance and other consent forms. Minors require parental or legal guardian permission for admission.

  • To ensure accurate billing information, please bring your

    • Social Security number;

    • Current insurance identification card;

    • Medicare card, if applicable;

    • Completed claim form (if required by your employer);

    • Any physician orders, medical records, X-rays or other paperwork provided by your physician; and

    • Completed Living Will or Durable Power of Attorney, if available.

  • ADA/Special Services
    Whenever possible, we provide assistance for those needing special services. Patients who have difficulty reading, speaking English, or who need other assistance will be accommodated to the best of our ability. TDD/TTY telecommunications devices for the deaf are available upon request. Please let the admitting office know if you need special accommodations by calling 625-3122.

  • Identification Wrist Bands
    You will be given an identification band during admission. Please wear it for the duration of your stay. If you lose your identification band, or discover an inaccuracy, tell the nurse and you will receive a new band.

  • Emergency Admissions
    Patients who are critically ill or who are admitted through the Emergency Department will receive immediate attention. Necessary information for record keeping and billing will be obtained from the patient or family members. If information is unattainable during initial treatment, the Admitting Office will contact the patient or family and obtain complete information later.

  • Things to Bring for Your Stay

    • Nightgown/pajamas.

    • Robe.

    • Slippers or socks.

    • Toiletries such as hairbrush or comb, shampoo, soap, facial tissue, toothbrush and toothpaste.

    • Eyeglasses, dentures or hearing aid.

    • If you regularly take medication, please provide a list of these medications, their dosages and times taken or bring these medications in a bag for your doctors and nurses to review. For your safety, please do not take your personal medications while in the hospital. Send them home with a family member after you have shown them to your nurse. The hospital's pharmacy will provide any medication your doctor orders.

    • If you currently use a special wheelchair, walker, crutches, cane or other device, please bring it for use during your hospital stay.

    • Reading materials or stationery.

    • The names and telephone numbers of two people to contact in case of emergency.

  • Things to Leave at Home

    • It is best not to bring valuables to the medical center. If necessary, request that your valuables be placed in the hospital safe.

    • If you wear dentures, ask your nurse to provide a special container for their safekeeping. Keep dentures and eyeglasses in a safe place; they should not be wrapped in tissue or placed on your meal tray.

    • Baptist Health assumes no responsibility for personal belongs.