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Lexington Patient Guide

Arrival Times

Your physician office will advise you of the arrival time for the date of service for any surgical admission, scheduled admission, cath lab procedure or interventional procedure. If you have any questions regarding the arrival time, please contact your physician's office.

For questions about the arrival time for an outpatient procedure, please contact the department performing your procedure.

When You Arrive

Your destination upon arrival is determined by the type of procedure or admission as follows:


Annual breast screening mammograms and breast diagnostic procedures are performed at three locations:

  • Baptist Health Breast Imaging on the hospital campus at 1760 Nicholasville Road, Suite 401
  • Baptist Health Breast Imaging Services at Brannon Crossing, 610 East Brannon Road, Nicholasville
  • Baptist Health Breast Imaging at Hamburg, 3000 Baptist Health Blvd., Suite 120

Annual breast screening mammograms are also performed at these facilities:

  • Beaumont - 3084 Lakecrest Circle, Suite 150, Lexington
  • Alysheba- 1775 Alysheba Way, Lexington
  • Richmond - 107 Meridian Way, Richmond
  • Georgetown - 206 Bevins Lane, Georgetown

If information was not provided at the time of scheduling, please call 859.260.6050 or 877.360.6050 for clarification

Outpatient Oncology/Infusion Services

Patients requiring outpatient oncology /infusion service may check in with this department, located on the first floor of the Cancer Center at 1700 Nicholasville Road.

Physical Therapy

Patients scheduled for outpatient physical therapy services should go to the lower level of the 1800 Building.

Pre-Admission Testing

Patients preregistered for pre-admission testing may report directly to that department, located on the first floor in the hallway between the 1720 Building and the South Tower.

Radiation Therapy

Patients requiring radiation therapy procedures may report directly to that department located on the lower level of the Cancer Center at 1700 Nicholasville Road.


Patients pre-registered for surgery at Baptist Health Lexington should locate Elevator D on the first floor of the South Tower. Take the elevator to the second floor and report to Registration in the Surgery department. on the second floor of the South Tower. 

All patients should bring the following with them each time they arrive for a procedure, test or treatment:

  • All active insurance cards with applicable insurance referral or pre-certification number(s).
  • Any legal documents, such as a Living Will or Power of Attorney
  • Ability to pay any applicable insurance co-pay or deductible amounts
  • Physician orders for your test or procedure

What to bring for an overnight stay:

  • For a surgical or cath lab admission/procedure, please bring all current medications in their original containers with you on the day of your pre-admission testing and on the day of your admission/procedure.
  • Sleepwear/bathrobe
  • Slippers
  • Personal hygiene supplies
  • Do Not Bring: Jewelry or other valuable items
  • Do Not Bring: Electronic radio, fan or other appliances

If you have billing inquiries or financial questions, please call 859.260.6264.