General Information about Admission

Your physician's office is responsible for making your admissions reservation at Baptist Health Lexington. If your insurance requires pre-certification before your admission, be sure to let your physician's office know. If you indicate a preference for a private room, we will try to honor your request. If a private room is unavailable when you're admitted, we'll put your name on a waiting list and you will be moved to a private room when one becomes available.

What To Pack

When packing for your stay, be sure to bring comfortable bedclothes, a robe and slippers with non-skid soles. The hospital cannot assume responsibility for valuables that are lost or misplaced. Please don't bring jewelry, credit cards or large sums of money. If you must bring any of these items, we ask you to place them in the hospital safe for the duration of your stay.


Do not take any drugs prior to your admission other than those prescribed by your physician. Your physician may ask you to bring along a list of your medications, including the medication names and dosage information.

Insurance Information

Please bring along your health insurance cards or information that includes your insurance company name and policy number.

Arrival & Check-In

Your physician or the physician's office staff usually tells you when to arrive at the hospital. You may also receive a call from the hospital to verify your specific admission time. Please check in at the location directed by the physician's office or during your preregistration call.

For more information, please call our admissions staff at 859.260.6448. 

General Pre-Admission

Arrangements for admission to Baptist Health Lexington are made in advance by your attending physician. Prior to admission, an admitting representative will contact you to obtain complete preadmission information. You may also preregister by phone, mail a completed preregistration form or use our convenient E-Register service (click on Pre-Register in the Quick Links at the bottom of the page). This includes information concerning your insurance benefits or other payment arrangements.

A deposit will be required upon admission for the amount not covered by insurance. Phone numbers for preregistration: surgical procedures, 859.260.6448; outpatient diagnostics, 859.260.6701; and mammography, 859.260.6353

Maternity Pre-Admission

Maternity patients admitted to Baptist Health Lexington must have a physician who is a member of the hospital's medical staff. All obstetric physicians who are staff members have hospital forms specifically for preadmission. Ask your physician for a copy or pick one up from our OB Business Center. To complete the form online, click on Pre-Register in the Quick Links at the bottom of the page. The form should be filled out and submitted to the hospital well in advance of your expected due date.

Patients who don't have insurance or whose insurance won't cover most of the estimated cost of the delivery and hospital stay should contact a hospital financial counselor at 859.260.6264 to make payment arrangements as early in their pregnancy as possible.

Pre-Admission Testing

Pre-admission testing is a service provided for patients who are scheduled for surgery or a cardiac procedure at Baptist Health Lexington. Located in the hallway connecting the 1720 Building and the South Tower, pre-admission testing allows the patient to be better prepared for his/her upcoming procedure.

An appointment is necessary, as routine tests may be performed. Having these tests done before the day of your scheduled procedure will eliminate the delays the day you arrive for your procedure.

Services provided by the pre-admission testing staff include:

  • Lab work
  • EKG
  • Medical history
  • Patient/family education
  • Review/communication of abnormal results
  • Case finding and referrals
  • X-rays
  • Consent forms signed and other paperwork completed
  • Living wills

The patient or the patient's physician may make an appointment by calling centralized scheduling at 859.260.6547, or toll-free at 800.280.5090.

Pre-admission testing hours are Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; and Sunday, by appointment only. For more information about pre-admission testing at Baptist Health Lexington, call 859.260.6499.