Temporary Visitor Restrictions for Baptist Health Floyd

Page updated 4/11/2023

Baptist Health Floyd Visitation guidelines

Effective August 30, 2021

We understand these temporary restrictions may be difficult for patients and their loved ones, but Baptist Health Floyd is taking these necessary steps to protect patients and staff.

All visitors are expected to comply with Universal Masking policy and screening requirements. If they are unable or unwilling, they may be asked to leave. This includes wearing a mask during the entire visit including time in patient room.

Limited Visitation:

  • Inpatients (COVID Positive): Two adult visitors (18 and over) at a time and visitors must comply with separate guidelines for visiting Covid+ patients.
  • Emergency Department: One adult visitor can accompany the patient or two in the case of minor patients.
  • Inpatients (Non-COVID): Two visitors at a time
  • Maternity/Labor & Delivery: Two support people may accompany mother to L & D and post-partum room.
    • Nursery: Limited to one parent at a time.
  • Outpatients (Including Surgery/Endo): Patients may bring one adult with them to an appointment (exceptions allowed when siblings accompany the parent and patient).

Communication between staff and family:

  • We ask that your designated visitor also be the point of contact with staff to share messages with the rest of your family and friends. This allows our staff more time to provide care centered on you.


Effective 4/11/2023, but subject to change as recommendations evolve. 

Baptist Health Medical Group, which includes medical offices and Baptist Health Urgent Care locations, is not currently limiting visitors per patient. 

Masking is now optional at Baptist Health Medical Group Physician offices.

Patient and Visitor Infection Prevention

Mask Instructions

For everyone's safety, visitors are expected to comply with our universal masking policy during the entire visit. 

  1. Clean hands before touching/putting on the mask.
  2. Mask has a front, back, top and bottom.
  3. Front of mask "folds" point down and may be colored. The front should face away from you. 
  4. The top of the mask has a wire which molds over the bridge of the nose.
  5. Fit mask to cover face (nose and mouth). 
  6. Wear mask upon entry to the facility and remove the mask after leaving the facility. Clean hands. 
  7. Do not touch the mask while it is on your face. 
  8. Mask should always cover nose and mouth and should never be pulled under the chin. 

Keep Hands Clean

  1. Clean hands frequently. If washing with soap and water, wash your hands for 20 seconds or more, making sure to get under your nails.
  2. Clean your hands when entering a patient's room, before touching a patient and before you leave the patient's room. 
  3. Clean hands before touching eyes, nose, or mouth and before eating. 
  4. Clean hands after using the bathroom, blowing nose, coughing, or sneezing. 
  5. Clean hands after touching frequently touched surfaces (door handles, elevator buttons, bed rails, light switches, etc.)