Pastoral Care

Hospital Chaplain

The chaplain is a member of the healthcare team who gives emotional and spiritual care to patients, families and staff members, offering acceptance and comfort during illness, injury and loss. The chaplain is available to listen, offer support and help people connect to their own spiritual resources. The chaplain or social services representative can also speak with patients and/or families about Advanced Directives.

Patients and families often ask for a Chaplain when:

  • They want to express anxiety or fear
  • They want to confide in a safe person
  • Outcomes are uncertain and life seems out of control
  • They want the comfort of prayer, traditions and sacraments
  • They feel discouraged or depressed
  • Test results, procedures or surgeries bring bad news
  • They are concerned about a religious issue
  • They have concerns about purpose, personal/spiritual issues, values or broken relationships
  • They do not have supportive friends or family nearby
  • Their own clergy wants insights about hospital procedures or practices
  • The family wants to discuss organ donation

Ministries and services

  • Notifying the patient's faith community
  • Counseling
  • Grief support
  • Presence
  • Listening
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Prayer
  • Bibles are available upon request


The hospital has a nondenominational chapel located on the second floor. The chapel is open to you as well as visitors anytime day or night, and provides a quiet, reverent atmosphere for persons of all faiths.

To speak with the chaplain, patients and/or families please inquire by asking your nurse.