Baptist Health Floyd Hospital Department Directory

Department Name Phone Location
Switchboard 812.944.7701 First Floor
Accounts Payable 812.949.5619 Basement
Administration 812.949.5500 First Floor
Outpatient Services 812.949.5734 First Floor
Billing Questions 812.949.5860 Basement
Mother and Baby 812.948.7420 Fourth Floor
Cardiac Rehabilitation 812.948.7501 First Floor
Patient Relations 812.949.5866
Imaging 812.949.5904 First Floor
Financial Counseling 812.949.5726 First Floor
Food & Nutrition 812.981.6547 First Floor
Foundation 812.949.5519 First Floor
Gift Shop 812.949.7167 First Floor
Health Education 812.949.5513 First Floor
Heart and Vascular Center 812.949.7088 First Floor
Home Care 812.948.7447 Baptist Health Floyd Health Pavilion
Human Resources and Development 812.948.7401 First Floor
Information Desk 812.948.7400 First Floor
Laboratory 812.948.7405 Basement
Laboratory - Express Lab 812.981.6614 First Floor
Marketing and Public Relations 812.948.6728 Baptist Health Floyd Pavilion
Medical Care Management 812.949.5703 First Floor
Medical Records 812.948.7422 First Floor
Medical Staff Services 812.948.6750 First Floor
Pain Management 812.949.5790 First Floor
Patient Pre-Registration 812.948.7411
Patient Registration 812.949.5520 First Floor
Patient Room Information 812.948.7400 First Floor
Physician Recruitment 812.981.6673
Security 812.949.5788 First Floor
Sleep Care Center 812.949.5550 Basement
Social Services 812.948.7584 First Floor
Speech Therapy 812.948.6725 First Floor
Supply Chain Management 812.948.7403 Basement
Volunteer Services 812.948.6734 First Floor
Wound Care 812.949.7964 Professional Arts Building
Women's Imaging 812.949.7799 First Floor