"My Why" By Katrina Miller Icu Rn

Why did you decide to receive the COVID-19 vaccine? I decided to receive the vaccine for the safety of myself and my family and the others I care about.

What would you like to say to those are who hesitant to receive the vaccine? I’ve worked with COVID-19 since the beginning, and it’s much more terrifying than the vaccine. Historically, vaccines have changed the course of viruses.

What would you say to those who are worried about possible vaccine side effects?  When they released the vaccine, they cut red tape and not corners.

What would you say to those who think it may not matter if they don’t get the vaccine? I would ask them to research how vaccines have impacted other viruses and pandemics. I would suggest they learn more about how vaccines protect people. I think that research would help when making this decision.

What made you feel safe to get the vaccine? I’ve been working with COVID-19 patients since the beginning, and I was excited when a vaccination came out.

What were your worries? I wasn’t really worried because I’ve seen what happens with the virus itself and the people and families suffering. I would much rather get a vaccine than get COVID-19.

What is the significance of this vaccine to you? It means we are one step closer to not having to deal with COVID-19 every day.

This interview was conducted in the summer of 2021, prior to organizational decisions regarding employee vaccination status and booster recommendations.