Can My Appointment Wait?

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, certain elective medical procedures and appointments were placed on a temporary hold. While those restraints are now being lifted, Baptist Health understands that some patients may wonder if they should continue to delay provider visits and procedures due to concern over coronavirus exposure. It’s natural to have questions regarding when to resume your in-person medical appointments. Rest assured, we are here to answer your questions and offer a safe path forward to address your medical needs.

Here are points to consider when deciding how best to receive your medical care:

  • Physicians are seeing patients for reasons other than COVID-19. Baptist Health providers have the resources to treat the full range of medical conditions, along with COVID-19. Persons with chronic conditions, or who have recently developed symptoms of a possible illness, should make every effort to receive care in order to support their health.
  • Baptist Health has implemented safety guidelines at all of our facilities to reduce the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus. These guidelines include screening for coronavirus symptoms when making and arriving at appointments, physical-distancing requirements, and wearing a facemask while on site. Baptist Health also performs strict cleaning measures to further protect our patients. (Effective 3/24/2023 Masks are optional for all BHMG medical offices and Urgent Care locations.)
  • Virtual care is available for non-urgent medical conditions. For individuals who would rather be treated at home, Baptist Health offers various Virtual Care alternatives for smartphone, tablet, or computer. Learn more about Virtual Care here.
  • Preventive care is an important part of health. Regular wellness visits and diagnostic tests are still cornerstones of maintaining good health. We encourage you to choose an option that works for you for completing these preventative measures.
  • Urgent and emergency medical conditions still require immediate attention. Never hesitate to seek care for a life- or limb-threatening condition at the nearest emergency facility. Strict physical distancing protocols, cleaning measures, and PPE guidelines are in place in our Emergency Rooms in order to support patient safety. For a serious but not immediately life-threatening condition, visit a Baptist Health Urgent Care clinic or your primary care provider’s office.

If you’re uncertain about how to proceed, call your provider with any questions you have.

Make an Appointment with Good Health

Baptist Health is happy to answer your questions regarding resuming important medical care and keeping you safe. Whether you choose an in-person or at-home option, your best health is our priority.