Patient Information

To help you get well, we offer information about your illness, diet, medications, medical equipment, rehabilitation needs and what you will need to do when you get home.

Staff may give you a booklet, computer generated instructions, a demonstration or they may just talk with you. We also may provide information by video through our Instant Health Line. All videos are free to patients and families. Your nurse, therapist or dietitian may ask you to watch a video as part of the teaching plan.

Instant Health Line

Accessing videos for your education or relaxation needs is simple on your room TV:

• Channel 68 - Baptist Health Paducah Information.

• Channel 69 - Relaxation Channel provides continuous programming to help you relax, relieve stress and help with pain management.

• Channels 70-76 - Educational videos that meet your specific needs.

To select a video for your specific needs, turn your television to channel 70. You will see a picture of Baptist Health Paducah with the channel number and a telephone number to call. If you do not see this screen, go up through the television channel numbers until you find it. Follow the instructions on the television screen. You will need to use your room telephone to call into the system. You will be asked for your room phone number, which is written on the white board in your room.