Left Ventricular Reconstruction/Aneurysm Surgery Program

Enlarged left ventricular cavities and the formation of ventricular aneurysms end result when extensive damage occurs after a heart attack. The left ventricle enlarges and becomes thin with time and the patients develop progressive chest pain, shortness of breath and decline (Congestive heart failure). Further progression develops into cardiac arrhythmias and mitral valve regurgitation further worsening the heart failure. Due to the advanced disease and weakness of the heart, oftentimes the disease is treated medically and a window for aneurysm surgery is missed. Ventricular reconstruction, associated with coronary bypass and arrhythmia surgery is an alternative to hopeless medical treatment or in many patients who were declined the traditional bypass operation. Moreover, is also an alternative to heart transplants and heart “pumps” (LVAD) in other patients.

Dr. Pagni has a large experience with volume guided left ventricular reconstruction since 2012. With a regional based referral and over 250 patients operated with the procedure, it has resulted excellent excellent outcomes, prolonging survival, decreasing the heart failure class and improving the overall quality of life.  Most of these patients are not candidates for other therapies including transplantation.

Not all patients qualify for the procedure and a detail work up is routine to determine the patients that will benefit from this complex procedure.