Baptist Health Breckenridge

Baptist Health Breckenridge, our latest healthcare facility, is located at the intersection of Breckenridge Lane and I-264. The facility underlines Baptist Health's unwavering commitment to enhancing patient care and fostering community growth in Louisville.

A sprawling 120,000 square feet over a 6.5-acre site, the five-story building is designed to be a primary care hub, promising a wide array of health services within a single, accessible location.

Services Offered at Baptist Health Breckenridge

Each floor is designated for a particular service or suite of services.

First Floor - Urgent and Diagnostic Care, Physical Therapy

To cater to immediate healthcare needs, the first floor is home to:

  • An Urgent Care Center
  • A laboratory
  • A full pharmacy
  • Physical therapy

A comprehensive diagnostic imaging center is also located on this floor, complete with advanced MRI, CT, and X-ray facilities.

Floors Two to Four - Physician Offices

The middle floors of the building are dedicated to physician offices, ensuring a broad range of specialties are available to patients. This consolidation of expertise facilitates a streamlined, collaborative approach to patient care.

Fifth Floor - Outpatient Surgery Center

The top floor houses a sophisticated Outpatient Surgery Center. This floor allows patients to access varied medical procedures without needing to travel between different locations.

Next Steps with MyChart

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