Patient Centered Care at Baptist Health Paducah

The Care Delivery Model utilized at Baptist Health Paducah is the Patient-Centered Care Model and is based on the combined nursing theories of Florence Nightingale, Martha Rogers, and Jean Watson. This theoretical framework supports the nurse as central to creating and sustaining a healing environment. The primary concepts of the Patient-Centered Care Model support Relationship-Based Care. Relationship-Based Care is made up of three relationships: Care Partner-Patient, Care-Partner-Self, and Care Partner- Colleagues.

Patient- Centered Care Definitions

  • The Patient Centered Care Model is intended to provide a safe and caring environment and is centered on individualized patient and family needs.
  • Relationship-Based Care is the essence of care experienced when one human being connects to another.
  • Care Partners are licensed and unlicensed staff who work collaboratively and are committed to providing high quality patient centered care in a healing environment.