Nursing Mission, Vision and Philosophy at Baptist Health Paducah

Nursing Mission Statement

The nursing staff at Baptist Health Paducah exists to provide cost effective, quality care for our community. We strive to meet the needs of persons as holistic beings using competence, compassion and understanding. As partners in care, we accept the responsibility to serve as patient/family educators and advocates, realizing their needs and expectations are the highest priorities.

Nursing Vision Statement

The nurses at Baptist Health Paducah are recognized as professionals who create a healing environment for the patient, family, community and each other. We choose caring as our primary focus, the moral imperative of nursing.

Nursing Philosophy

We empower, motivate and support each other to create a spiritual and healing environment for patients, family, community and ourselves. We influence quality of care through advocacy, collaboration and consensus.

Nursing Theoretical Framework

Our theoretical framework is grounded in the New World View and is an integration of Nightingale, Rogers and Watson. This framework provides our foundation and allows for inclusion of other theories.