Why Choose Us

If the health of any of your employees is affecting productivity, turn to Baptist Health Occupational Medicine for help. From creating a safer work environment and providing coordinated care to return injured or ill employees quickly back to work, we keep your business in good shape and compliant with state and federal safety requirements.

Cost Effective for Employers

Baptist Health Occupational Medicine offers you the flexibility to pick the program that’s right for your company, your employees – and your budget. We can help you:

  • Tailor an occupational health, wellness and educational program to fit your budget as well as your workplace and your workers’ needs
  • Provide comprehensive, high-quality occupational health services as you need them, in a timely, cost-efficient manner
  • Deliver the service that helps decrease workers’ compensation costs and improve your employees’ overall health and safety so they miss fewer days

Convenient for Employees

When your business partners with Baptist Health Occupational Medicine, your employees will have access to our statewide network of convenient occupational health care clinics. In this way, we make physicals, screenings, immunizations,urgent care, education and wellness programs as convenient as possible.