Work Injury Clinic

Work Injury Clinic

Lost work time resulting from an injury can create financial hardships for both employers and employees.

At Baptist Health Occupational Medicine, we are a patient first organization with the goal of providing excellent service to our patient and employer customers. We strive to help injured employees get back to work quickly, easing the financial hardships of both employees and employers while still caring for the patient in the appropriate manner.

Our clinics are staffed by physicians and other healthcare professionals experienced in treating occupational injuries, and offer varied hours at convenient locations with care that is prompt, requires no appointment and is available 24 hours a day at select locations.

We provide patients with individual attention and comprehensive follow-up treatment, while communicating with employers and tracking injuries through the entire workers’ compensation process.

Types of Work Injuries

There are several different types of work-related injuries. 

Common types include:

  • Overexertion—This type of workplace injury happens when a muscle becomes so strained that it is unable to function properly. An example of overexertion is lifting a very heavy object or developing carpal tunnel from typing on a computer for an extended period.
  • Falls and slips—This type of workplace injury happens when an employee is injured from a fall or slip on the job. Falls and slips can happen for many reasons. Some reasons are more common than others. For example, slips often occur from a wet floor or icy surface. Falls may happen when an employee tries to reach for something and becomes unbalanced.
  • Machinery/equipment—This type of workplace injury happens when employees are using machinery or equipment. An example is an employee who bypasses a safety feature on a machine and is injured because the machinery starts up unexpectedly.