Integrative and Massage Therapies

We fight cancer on two fronts: conventional treatments to attack the disease and special evidence-based therapies that combat side effects of cancer and its treatment. Baptist Health offers offer a range of integrative therapies specially designed to complement your medical treatment for cancer. These therapies are not a replacement for traditional cancer care. Rather, they address the needs of your mind, body and spirit for better quality of life.

Integrative therapies offered at our various Baptist Health campuses may include:

Sensory Therapy

Sensory integrative therapies work in conjunction with the five senses: smell, sight, taste, hearing and touch. These include:

Massage: There are many forms of massage that help promote deep relaxation and improve your overall sense of well-being and ability to cope with challenges associated with cancer treatment and recovery.

Music: Music therapy can help you relax and decrease your stress, pain, anxiety, depression and other symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment.

Aromatherapy: This sensory therapy uses essential oils from plants to promote physical and mental well-being. 

Healing touch: This gentle-touch treatment is provided as a patient lies fully clothed on a massage table or bed or sits in a chair. The certified healing touch provider places their hands slightly above or gently on the individual to balance energy and promote well-being. Sessions last about 30 to 45 minutes and patients report deep relaxation and peace after treatments.

Pet therapy: A guided interaction with a trained pet often helps relieve stress, reduce pain and improve outlook.

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy promotes mind-body healing by using the power of positive thinking to facilitate recovery. Types of cognitive therapy include:

Guided imagery or visualization: Guided imagery can be done in a group with a leader or independently with a book or audio recording. Guided imagery is a technique in which a person imagines pictures, sounds, smells and other sensations associated with peace and relaxation. The technique has been proven effective in helping cancer patients reduce the side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation.

Breath work: Focused, controlled breathing may help improve breathing and can provide a sense of control and well-being.

Expressive Therapy

Expressive therapies are treatments in which patients are encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings, helping to alleviate fear and frustration in a positive, creative fashion. Types of expressive therapy include:

Art therapy: Using the creative process of painting, drawing or other approaches to make art can help patients communicate feelings without using words.

Support groups: Support groups provide a safe place for cancer patients to express their feelings and thoughts with those who are experiencing similar challenges. 

Exercise Therapy

Exercise and movement provide many benefits for cancer patients, including retaining strength and energy, and relieving tension. Types of exercise therapy include:

Yoga: This therapy blends mind, body and spirit through controlled movements, breathing exercises and meditation to help relieve the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment.

Tai chi: This ancient Chinese martial art may help restore strength, function and fluidity to movement.

We’re Here to Help

Baptist Health’s integrative therapies are available to you through a referral from your physician or cancer care team. Your Integrative CARE Coordinator will work with you to create a personalized self-care plan. Therapies are offered at all of our locations. Ask you cancer care team for more information.

Before You Start Integrative Therapy

Talk with your Baptist Health cancer care team before adding complementary therapies. Your team can help you safely and appropriately add the options that are right for you. If you choose therapies outside of the Baptist Health program, keep your physician informed during your treatment.