May 05, 2021

Does Your Hernia Require Surgery?

Anyone can develop a hernia. But it is more common among men. In fact, one out of every four men in America will develop a hernia at some point in his life. If you’ve been diagnosed with a hernia, here is information from the experts at Baptist Health Richmond that you may find helpful.  

What Is a Hernia?

As Dr. Christian Knecht explained, “A hernia occurs when an internal organ or tissue bulges through an abnormal opening inside the body, most often a tear or hole in the interior abdominal wall. Hernias are usually found in the belly button, the groin, or where you have a surgical incision. Symptoms include bulging, pain and pressure. They tend to get worse when you lift something heavy or stand for a long period of time, and to be relieved when you lie down or stop exercising.”

Is Surgery Necessary?

If left untreated, a hernia can get larger or can damage internal organs, such as the stomach or intestines, that protrude through it. So when it becomes too uncomfortable, or when it has fat, bowel or other tissue protruding through it, surgery is necessary. You don’t want to let it progress to the point where it causes internal damage and requires an emergency procedure.

An Outpatient Procedure

“Surgery is the only way to repair a hernia,” said Dr. Knecht. “At Baptist Health Richmond, in most cases, it is an outpatient procedure that takes just about an hour. You can go home on the same day. Your activity level can get back to normal fairly quickly. The only exception is that you should avoid heavy lifting for about four to six weeks. Otherwise, you can go up and downstairs, bathe or shower, and get back to a normal diet quickly.”

If you’d like more information or a second opinion, the experts at Baptist Health Richmond are here for you. You can find a physician, schedule an appointment, or if it’s time to schedule your surgery, visit us at Baptist Health Richmond Surgical Services.

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