Bariatric Care and Weight Loss Management Patient Resources

At Baptist Health, we deliver more than surgical treatments and follow-up care. Our program is dedicated to helping you achieve the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted. 

We provide you with information and encouragement throughout your weight loss journey so that you have the best possible chances for achieving your goals. 

Specialized Education and Support for Weight Loss Surgery Patients 

We are here for you at every step, from determining whether surgery is right for you, through pre-surgical care and navigating daily life after your procedure. We provide information that helps you live a healthy lifestyle and support to help you stick to it when times get tough. 

We enjoy getting to know you as a person, which helps us provide helpful information at precisely the right time. 

  • Before surgery, we help you find the procedure that best meets your needs. We also discuss what to expect with you. 
  • After surgery, we give you personalized recommendations, including how to get the most nutrition out of the foods you eat, so you can achieve the results you’ve always wanted. 

Our team’s eagerness to offer kind words and helpful tips can make all the difference in your success. Read our patient success stories.

Weight Loss Surgery Information and Support: Our Approach

Deciding to have weight loss surgery can help you turn a corner in your efforts to improve your health. We help you make good decisions by offering comprehensive information and support. 

Information to help you decide whether weight loss surgery is right for you

We let you know what to expect before, during and after weight loss surgery. This information may make it easier to decide whether weight loss surgery is right for you. 

We give you information about: 

  • Our program: We offer regular information seminars where you can learn more about bariatric surgery at Baptist Health. We introduce you to our team, talk about the procedures we offer and explain how they can help improve your health. Find out more about our information seminars
  • What to expect: We help you understand how surgery can help you lose weight and how your life may change after surgery. Having this information before you decide to move forward can help you get the most out of weight loss surgery. Read more about what to expect
  • Common questions: When you’re considering surgery, it’s natural to have a lot of questions. You can find answers to many of these questions by reading our bariatric FAQs
  • Weight loss surgery myths: You may have heard a lot about bariatric surgery and it may not all be true. Having accurate information can help ease some of your concerns. Find out more by reading about the myths of bariatric surgery.

Comprehensive support for healthy living

We offer personalized recommendations and encouragement to help you navigate daily life after weight loss surgery. 

Comprehensive support for healthy living includes:

  • Personalized nutrition recommendations: Our nutritionists help you learn about healthy foods and portion sizes. We help you find nutritious foods you like to eat and ways to fit healthy eating into your busy lifestyle. Read more about nutrition.
  • Access to exercise support: Staying physically active is important to maximizing your weight loss. We help you get moving with access to premiere fitness centers and special programs. Louisville and Lexington patients can join our Baptist Health fitness centers. Paducah patients have the opportunity to join our walking club, which meets right on the hospital grounds. Find out more about exercise
  • In-person meetings: Our monthly support group is a great place to share your success and discuss the challenges you are facing. Join our experts along with fellow weight loss surgery patients for a supportive conversation that’s centered on your needs. Learn more about our support groups.

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