What is the STOP-BANG?

The STOP-BANG is an assessment tool used to help diagnose Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Your doctor will use a number of factors to diagnose a sleep disorder, such as sleep history, self-reported symptoms, Epworth Sleepiness Scale and other tests if deemed necessary. To see if you are at risk for OSA, take the self-administered test below. You may also take this assessment at your appointment with one of the Baptist Health sleep specialists or before you arrive. If you take the assessment before your appointment, please bring your results to your appointment.


Snoring: Do you snore? Loud enough to be heard through closed doors or loud enough to disturb your partner?

Yes No

Tired: Do you often feel tired, fatigued or sleepy during the daytime?

Yes No

Observed: Has anyone observed you stop breathing, choking or gasping while you were sleeping?

Yes No

Pressure: Are you being treated for high blood pressure?

Yes No

Body Mass: What is your Body Mass Index (BMI)?

Less than 25 Greater than 25
Greater than 30 Greater than 35
Age: Are you older than 50?

Yes No

Neck: Is your neck size larger than 43 cm (if male) or 41 cm (if female)? Hint: To obtain an accurate measurement, measure around your Adams apple OR answer yes if your collar size is greater than XL.

Yes No

Gender: Are you male?

Yes No

OSA - Low Risk: Yes to 0 - 2 questions

OSA - Intermediate Risk: Yes to 3 - 4 questions

OSA - High Risk: Yes to 5 - 8 questions

or Yes to 2 or more of 4 STOP questions + male gender

or Yes to 2 or more of 4 STOP questions + BMI > 35kg/m2

or Yes to 2 or more of 4 STOP questions + neck circumference 17 inches / 43cm in male or 16 inches / 41cm in female

Appointments for consultation can be made to speak with any of our physicians without a referral by calling the sleep lab. However you will need a referral to have a study or other tests performed, which can be obtained from your primary care physician.