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Whether you are expecting a new arrival or you are already a parent, Baptist Health's Mother and Baby Care team is here to support you every step of the way. From prenatal care and delivery to newborn care support and breastfeeding resources, we're here to help you and your family thrive.

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The Motherhood Connection Program is a program here at
Baptist Health Richmond that we offer to our pregnant

and postpartum patients to help them
through the pregnancy and postpartum.

As the maternity nurse navigator,
I go over to the clinic to first meet a patient.

I wait for them and I meet with them after their
appointment so they don't have to make any extra trip

to see me.

I meet with patients over in the office
several times during their pregnancy.

I offer them resources and help answer any questions
that they may have that's on the non-medical side

of their pregnancy.

I offer labor hall tours and
help with lactation as well.

The Motherhood Connection Program offers resources from
as simple to just helping them choose a pediatrician,

a list of maternal warning signs that they should
be watching for, we can help with car seat safety,

help the patient get a car seat if they don't have one,
and I include a list of our childbirth classes that

we're offering within the next six months
so our patient can go and participate

in those childbirth classes.

We also help with referring
people to the HOPE Program.

The HOPE Program here at Baptist Health Richmond
works with our pregnant mothers in recently postpartum

with any substance abuse
disorders that they may have.

Through the program, I see the
patients during their pregnancy,

but I also see them while
they're here to deliver as well.

I see them on labor and delivery and also on postpartum
once they've had their child just to go over some

things and what to expect postpartum.

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