Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

What is a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel?

A comprehensive metabolic panel is a series of blood tests that provides information about your body’s chemical balance and metabolism. These tests measure 14 different substances in your blood, ranging from glucose to the total amount of protein. A comprehensive metabolic panel will likely be ordered as part of a regular check-up.


What Does a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Test For?

Your physician may order a comprehensive metabolic panel to monitor certain body functions and processes, including:

  • Blood sugar levels
  • Blood protein levels
  • Acid and base balance
  • Fluid and electrolyte balance
  • Liver and kidney health
  • Metabolism


What is the CMP Procedure?

A nurse or doctor will perform the CMP procedure in your health care provider’s office. The whole procedure last about 5 minutes. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A nurse or doctor will draw blood from a vein in your arm
  • Vials of the blood drawn are categorized for the 14 substances to be tested
  • The vials are then sent to a testing site to be processed


What Do My Test Results Show? 

Your healthcare provider will review your comprehensive metabolic panel results with you. They’ll explain the outcome of the tests and go over what next steps to take. Some possible results this collection of blood tests may show include:

  • Liver disease
  • Kidney failure
  • Diabetes

You will likely need more tests to confirm these conditions.