Pre Diabetes Fitness Program

At Baptist Health, a Program for Your Fitness Needs 

Insulin resistance is directly linked to a lack of physical activity, which is why exercise is important. During exercise the muscles use glucose for energy, making the cells of the body more efficient in processing insulin. 

To this end, Baptist Health offers a comprehensive prediabetes medical fitness program called NEED. 

How NEED Works

NEED stands for Nutrition, Exercise, and Education to Deter Diabetes. NEED is carefully designed to address all your fitness needs.

Consider participation in NEED if you have been diagnosed with either prediabetes or metabolic syndrome (a condition with an elevated risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke that is marked by waistline fat and insulin resistance). The program is focused on preventing enrollees from developing type 2 diabetes. By participating in NEED and losing as little as five percent of your total body fat, you can decrease your risk of diabetes.

  • You will consult with a certified personal trainer regarding your medical and fitness history
  • He or she will assess your strength and cardiovascular health and conduct a body-composition test.
  • You will participate in semi-private training sessions, selecting a convenient time for your workouts. Choices include twice weekly for five weeks or three times a week for four weeks.
  • You will require a physician referral to join the program.
  • Your health insurance provider may pay for some of the program.