Patient Resources

Baptist Health strives to provide comprehensive care for our patients with diabetes. We offer a variety of resources to help patients better understand and manage their condition.

Our "What is Diabetes" page provides a general overview of the disease, while our "Types of Diabetes" page offers more specific information on the different types of diabetes. For patients who are already living with diabetes, we have a dedicated "Living with Diabetes" page.

This page describes our Baptist Health Diabetes Program that covers topics such as managing blood sugar levels, dealing with complications, insulin pump training, and more.

We also have several resources specifically for women with diabetes, including information on pregnancy and fertility. Finally, we offer a variety of patient forms that can help patients keep track of their condition, assess their nutrition, and follow a customized treatment plan.


Our Diabetes resources include:

  • What is Diabetes
  • Types of Diabetes
  • Living with Diabetes
  • Diabetic Diet
  • Women and Diabetes
  • Patient Forms