May 05, 2016

The New North Tower

Baptist Health Lexington: The New North Tower

Neonatologist Tonia Reid and Karen Hill, chief operating officer/chief nursing officer, reveal the conveniences and amenities of the new North Tower at Baptist Health Lexington.

The New North Tower Health Talks Transcript

Karen S. Hill, RN, DNP, NEA-BC, FACHE, FAAN, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nursing Officer

In this new building, we have a beautiful two-story cancer center with a parking lot immediately in front. In that garage, they can go down to the lower level of the garage, walk directly past a beautiful new garden into the radiation therapy center, where there’s a two-story water wall, and they can have a beautiful place for their families to sit and wait for them while they’re having their radiation therapy treatments. In our first floor, in the infusion center in the multidisciplinary cancer clinic, we have a massage therapy room for cancer patients who want to have a massage therapy treatment while they are here being cared for with other practitioners. On our second floor of the building, we have a brand new, 40-bed intensive care unit, with all private rooms, and of course we have those patios that we’re very proud of that are off each end of our intensive care units. We have a couch that makes a twin bed in the room for the family member to stay with their loved ones during this critical time. On our third floor, is one of our most proud units — we have our maternity, our labor and delivery service. We have almost 4,000 babies a year that are born here at Baptist Health Lexington. Our goal is that when you have a baby here, you are like the only person having a baby here that day. We are able to provide that kind of quality and safety because of the level of staff that we have and the physicians — the high-risk pregnancy physicians, the OB anesthesiologists that are dedicated to that unit that you would want if it was your family member having that baby. On our fourth floor, we have a new maternity area where moms go after they have the baby, and one of the things that sets us apart is we have double beds with Tempur-Pedic mattresses on all the postpartum beds, and so that’s really popular with both sets of parents. On the fifth floor, we have our NICU, which is where are premature babies are.

Tonia Reid, MD, Neonatologist

One of the things that’s different about our NICU is that we have a pod system where we have four private rooms with one central hallway. This allows one nurse to cover a pod and have a close eye on the different babies that are in that pod.

We have five board certified neonatologists who take care of those babies and the nurses with 20 and 30 years of experience up there to love those babies and care for them until they get out of the intensive care unit.

Dr. Reid:
The private NICU bays actually help the babies develop better because they’re used to a quiet environment. Noises are overstimulating to them.

On the sixth floor, we have a post-interventional cardiac unit where patients go after they’ve had a heart cath procedure. Every floor is built basically the same to provide the same kind of amenities — family support space, the balcony and patios, the large private rooms, the spacious atmosphere for the staff to work in, and so we’re just really proud of that.

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