January 17, 2017

Rewards of Cardiac Rehab Nursing

Baptist Health Lexington: Rewards of Cardiac Rehab Nursing

Nurse Lindsay Bowles talks about building relationships with her patients in cardiac rehab and the crucial role nurses play in helping patients make lasting changes.

Rewards of Cardiac Rehab Nursing Health Talks Transcript

Lindsay Bowles, RN, BSN, DAISY Award Coordinator
When I chose to go into nursing, I knew I was either going to be a nurse, or I was going to be a teacher. I knew I wanted to work with people. I love having this outpatient setting where I see the same patients Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We create a bond where the patients start to feel like family, and I think that they know us just as well as our family, and they know some of the funny, quirky things about us, and it really does help them trust us.
Bart Rogers, Lexington, Kentucky
Anytime you go through a health crisis, the people that help you through that become pretty special to you. I feel like I knew them after a few days, and if I didn’t show up, they were going to call me and find out why, so it was a very different environment than just going to a gym close to the house and working out on my own. They structured a routine that was building up gradually, so that was good too.

Baptist does a great job of having lots of programs that you can get involved in. I feel like nurses here are very empowered to take on leadership roles. Magnet is basically a standard of excellence. For me, it’s kind of raised the bar each time we get an accreditation.

A year ago I had a lot of bad habits, and I knew I had to change in order to not have the same problem with my heart again. The cardiac rehab program has been really key to making those changes.

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