September 12, 2019

Advanced & Comprehensive Cardiac Care in Lexington, Kentucky

Baptist Health Lexington: Advanced & Comprehensive Cardiac Care

Baptist Health is an accredited hospital that provides advanced and comprehensive care for most cardiac conditions. Learn more about our ongoing processes to improve heart care for our patients.

Advanced & Comprehensive Cardiac Care in Lexington, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Robert Sawyer, MD:
I think Baptist Health Lexington is an excellent facility because of everything we have to offer heart patients. We really can treat every cardiac diagnosis here, and we have advanced procedures that can take care of blockage in the heart and blockage in the legs. Bypass surgery is sometimes necessary, and we have the surgeons here to do that.

I think the patient should care that Baptist Health Lexington is accredited, because it really is a stamp of approval. You know this hospital has been accredited and vetted by an outside organization, and we have met those highest standards nationwide. They can trust that all members of the care team, from their bedside nurse to every doctor they encounter, is living up to those high standards. That really translates into good care for them — and efficient care.

It also means that this hospital has ongoing processes that look to improve every part of our care to the patient. We’re collecting data all the time and looking at ways we can improve patient care.

For me, personally, and thinking about my own family, when I’m looking to recommend a hospital or a place for my family to go, I look for a hospital that’s comprehensive, that really can treat the patient from A to Z, and Baptist Health Lexington has that.


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