October 01, 2018

Using Baptist Health’s MyChart

There was a time in the healthcare industry when the only way to connect with your doctor or get information about your medical record was to schedule an in-person appointment or call the provider during business hours.

MyChart changes that with an easy, effective and secure way to communicate with your doctor, review test results, renew prescriptions and more. All from the comfort of your home or anywhere you have internet access. MyChart is a free service of Baptist Health that makes your health information available around the clock, 365 days a year using an intuitive website and mobile app.

If it’s your health, it’s on MyChart!

What You Can Do Using MyChart

Once you have activated your MyChart account, simply log into the system, to find these options in the navigation bar at the top of the screen:

  • Here you can:
    • Review your health history
    • Indicate your “advance directives” or directions to your care team in case you are unable to communicate them
    • View a list of your documented medical conditions
    • View recent test results related to your medical conditions
    • View trends of your test results
    • View a summary of your test results
    • View a list of your immunizations
    • View a list of recommended preventative health procedures
    • Download your medical record
    • See who has accessed your account
    • Get a Wallet Card, a printable summary of your medical information
    • And more…
  • Here you can:
    • View a list of your appointments and visits
    • Schedule an appointment
    • Request an appointment
  • Here you can:
    • Ask a question
    • Request a prescription refill
    • And more…
  • Here you can:
    • View a billing account summary
    • View an insurance summary
    • View insurance coverage details
    • View a premium billing summary
  • Here you can search for a provider.

The system also offers convenient “Quick Links,” and frequently used features from the main navigation.

Whether you are a frequent internet user or only get online occasionally, you will find MyChart easy to use and very helpful. Plus, many users report that active participation in their health care and taking a bigger role in managing their medical information is empowering.

Activate Your MyChart Account Today

For information on how to get started with MyChart, read our blog post titled “Get Easy, Secure Access to Your Baptist Health Medical Records with MyChart.”

Get MyChart Support

We have a team dedicated to supporting you as you use the MyChart website or app. You can reach the Baptist Health MyChart Patient Support group at baptistphrquestions@bhsi.com, or call the MyChart Patient Support Line at 502.253.4820 or 844.764.7820 for non-local calls.

In an Emergency, Call 911 or Visit the Emergency Room

Please note that MyChart is for non-urgent communication only. If you have a medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

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