April 19, 2021

Urological Procedures That Can Make Life Healthier – And a Lot More Comfortable.

If your doctor has said that you would benefit from a urological procedure, it’s natural to have questions. The board-certified urologists at Baptist Health Richmond are here to provide information that can help you understand your condition and make your best decision. The right care can go a long way toward making your life more comfortable. 

Our specialists are experienced in treating a full range of urological conditions in both men and women. As Dr. Andrew Todd said, “We offer highly advanced diagnostic and treatment options. And when surgery is recommended, many times it can be done using minimally invasive techniques, which are often associated with less pain, fewer complications and shorter hospital stays.”

Kidney Stones

If you have kidney stones, you know how intensely painful they can be. At Baptist Health Richmond, you’ll find the latest treatments, from non-invasive lithotripsy, which uses ultrasonic energy to break them up, to minimally invasive procedures to remove larger stones. Based on the cause of your stones, we can create a program to help prevent or reduce their formation in the future with comprehensive metabolic evaluation. We are the only hospital in central Kentucky that offers outpatient Mini PCNL, a technique to treat large stones with the highest stone free rates, while still being able to go home after surgery the same day.


As many as 25% of women aged 30-59 experience urinary incontinence, or leakage of urine. This can happen all of a sudden without warning or when you cough, sneeze, or lift a heavy object. This can be very inconvenient, limiting and embarrassing. We offer all the latest AUA recommended treatment options for overactive bladder / urge incontinence, such as medications, neuromodulation (InterStimTM therapy), and BOTOX® injections. We also offer physical therapy and outpatient surgeries for stress urinary incontinence.

Prostate Conditions

An enlarged prostate happens to most men as they age. It is often benign, but can cause symptoms such as a weak stream, sudden urges to urinate and the need to urinate several times during the night. Treatments may include changes in dietary / fluid habits, medication, or an outpatient or inpatient procedure. We are a center of excellence for some of the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques (MIST) to treat BPH, such as UroLiftTM, which can be performed in the office or in an outpatient surgical setting with mild sedation, and can be used to get many men off their lifelong medications.

If you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, there are several approaches to treatment depending on your unique situation. The experts at Baptist Health Richmond have access to a full range of advanced technology and procedures and can work with you as a team to create the right program of care for you.

Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer treatment depends upon the location and size of the cancer and the extent to which the cancer has spread,” explained Dr. Todd. “Sometimes, multiple types of treatments are necessary and we offer a full range of advanced modalities.

If you’d like more information or a second opinion, the experts at Baptist Health Richmond are here for you. You can find a physician, schedule an appointment, or if it’s time to schedule a procedure, visit us at Baptist Health Richmond Surgical Services.

Financial counselors are available to help if you have concerns about the cost.

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