Karlyle's Cancer Story

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- [Karlyle] Cancer puts a spin on things.

You don't think about your end date
until you hear those words.

There for a while, I thought my end date is sooner
than I thought it was, but I don't think that now

because Baptist Health Corbin was here.

I never dreamed I would have the life
I have with Justin, and Maggie, and Ike,

and having cancer, and surviving cancer,
makes it shine so much brighter.

October 22nd, when Dr. Masters told me I
had cancer, I could see the empathy in her eyes.

I said, "That's something that is not taught,
it's not something that is trained.

That is just the kind of person that Baptist hires."

It wasn't any time I had an appointment scheduled
with Dr. Aaron House, who is my surgeon.

We decided before I even had my first chemo treatment,
that eventually, when I have my double mastectomy,

I would also have a hysterectomy.

Dr. House recommending that I have the
hysterectomy at the same time saved my life.

Because I would never have known I had ovarian cancer.

- [Dr. Byrnes] Cancer affects about one
in three people in the course of our lifetimes,

which is just a staggering statistic.

It's really important to keep up with the
latest research and the latest treatments

because what we find is we can continually
improve the care that we're able to give.

We've worked over time to build our services,
the latest was the addition of our radiation suite,

which has, you know, just been wonderful to have,
you know, in terms of being able to deliver

really top-notch care.

- Knowing that I had top-notch people who were making
sure I got treatment exactly where it needed to go,

to kill whatever cancer might have been left,
brought me more peace of mind

than I could ever explain.

- Your whole support network is here around
your home, and so, if you travel far away,

you're missing just a huge amount of support
and care that you could be getting otherwise.

- Having the comfort of your friends and
your neighbors, providing you with care,

that doesn't just keep you alive but
helps you thrive, that makes you whole.

It's a gift to the people here that
we have big-city treatment right here.

Cancer was always just a word
in my vocabulary until I had it.

My husband and my kids are my life,
and I knew that before I had cancer.

But having that pause in my life, where we
had to stop life as we knew it for a while

so mommy could get better,
makes this season that much richer

because we all know that it
might not have been so fortunate.

And I'm here because everybody
at Baptist Health Corbin kept me alive.

♪ [Music] ♪

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