Services and Programs

It’s a gift to breathe freely and not worry about contacting a substance, harmless to most, that causes you to break out in hives, develop a rash, or become suddenly ill. Individuals with allergies or asthma don’t always enjoy that same ease of mind. That’s why your Baptist Health Primary Care provider can connect you with an array of services and programs for the diagnosis, treatment, and control of allergies and asthma. This includes testing for environmental and food allergies, measures of lung function and capacity, immunotherapy, rescue and maintenance medications for asthma sufferers, and emergency care at Baptist Health medical facilities to counteract life-threatening allergic reactions or potential respiratory failures.

Asthma doesn’t have a cure and allergies can be difficult to overcome, but working with us, you can make them easier to live with. Contact your Baptist Health Primary Care provider for more information on services and programs that can help you tackle the challenges of allergies and asthma.