May 08, 2015

Preventing and Treating Sports Injuries

Baptist Health Richmond: Preventing and Treating Sports Injuries

Orthopedic surgeon THOMAS CERVONI, MD discusses ways to prevent sports injuries and describes how minimally invasive treatments and physical therapy can help athletes return to play.

Preventing and Treating Sports Injuries Health Talks Transcript

Thomas Cervoni, MD

As an orthopedic surgeon with sports medicine training, I see a whole host of all ages and injuries. The best first thing I think would be to emphasize prevention. The way to get to prevention and not have an injury are some basics, such as good diet, nutrition and proper fitness exercise. Any time you’re starting a new exercise or sport, it should begin slowly and go gradually. Also fairly important is to monitor just how they feel during exercise, and sometimes when they notice something there, they can spot something early, get the counseling and avoid an injury. Some of the newer techniques in orthopedic surgery and sports injuries both involve the physical therapy aspect as well as surgery. In terms of physical therapy, we are finding over time that we can safely allow exercises, motion, use of the muscles, sooner, and still in a safe manner promote recovery. Also, in terms of surgery, the main thing is less invasive surgery. You hear that phrase, and it’s true. We are able to do more surgery with smaller incisions and more safely because of new devices and instrumentation that assist the surgeon in this goal. As a result, we are able to provide solutions for sports injuries that allow them to recover and return to sports more quickly than ever before.

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