May 05, 2016

Hands-On Sports Medicine

Baptist Health Louisville: Hands-On Sports Medicine

Sports medicine physician Mark Puckett and trainer Scott Ritter describe the personal attention Baptist Health provides to help injured athletes get back in the game.

Hands-On Sports Medicine Health Talks Transcript

Mark Puckett, MD, Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is non-displaced fractures, sprains, strains, minor tears and concussions, all types of sports-related or other non-sports bone and joint injuries. One of the biggest benefits of working at Baptist Health Sports Medicine is that we look at every person as an individual and look at what they’re performing as the entire body in motion. Sometimes people present with symptoms that don’t necessarily reflect immediately what that underlying root cause is.

Scott Goodwin, Goalkeeper, Louisville City FC

It was a weird injury because you couldn’t see anything on any of the scans, but I was still having definite pain every day. So, what we did is we came in on multiple occasions, worked with Dr. Puckett, and he would take me through some squats, really putting my knee into that point where I was having the most pain. Dr Puckett put his hands down and got his thumb right in the spot where it was hurting me and ended up noticing there were little pops and clicks, which is what led him to the idea that maybe it was more of a connective tissue injury.

Dr. Puckett:
A good solution was not to stop doing the thing that hurts, but to figure out why that thing hurts and how to make it not hurt so you can keep going.

Scott Ritter, Athletic Trainer, Louisville City FC

Dr. Puckett recommended we give it a little steroid shot and did that, and then Scott was good to go. We kept up with the rehab as he advised, and he got a lot better fast.

I owe a big thanks to Baptist for helping keep me in the game at a very important time in my career.

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