November 22, 2016

Personal Touch of Nursing

Baptist Health Lexington: The Personal Touch of Nursing

Nephrologist Syed Hussain, MD, emphasizes the importance of nurses in the healing process and the role nurses play in providing personal care to hospital patients.

The Personal Touch of Nursing Health Talks Transcript

Syed Hussain, MD, Nephrology
Nurses play a crucial role in providing the care in healthcare. They do a great job in taking care of patients at Baptist Health Lexington.

Melissa Pike, RN, BSN, Dialysis
One of the first things that I will do when I enter a patient’s room is always to let them know who I am, let them know what is happening with them. I’ll give them as much information as I can about whatever disease, process, or whatever it is that brought them to the hospital, whatever procedure that they’re going to have to undergo. Being in the hospital and being so sick, you are anxious to begin with, and when you don’t understand what’s happening to you, that can be more anxiety producing.

Tristan Snow, Somerset, Kentucky
I was here for about a month. I was hospitalized here at Baptist. Melissa was usually with me when it was her shift. My first night here, she was scheduled to leave at the end of her shift, and she stayed well past midnight taking care of me. She made me feel very comforted when I was scared, and she made me feel like everything would be OK.

Oh yeah, we bonded immediately. I’m a mother, and she was so young. I just took her under my wing and babied her, if you will. But she needed that, she need somebody to do that.

She would always ask me a lot of questions, and if things started looking rough, she would always tell me that it would be OK or to focus on her, and then we would get through it.

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