December 29, 2014

Flu Symptoms & Prevention

Baptist Health Richmond: Flu Symptoms & Prevention

Internal Medicine Specialist ASHISH PATEL, MD discusses best ways to prevent seasonal flu. He explains flu symptoms and the importance of immunizations.

Flu Symptoms & Prevention Health Talks Transcript

Ashish Patel, MD

To prepare for the flu season, you need to be aware that it usually comes in the winter time, usually starting in September or October all the way up to April or May. Flu symptoms are in some way similar to an upper respiratory infection or a common cold; however flu symptoms are much more severe. The patients that I talked to felt very tired, had high fever. You have sneezing and cough. It can lead to pneumonias. You don’ feel like doing anything, and you are more or less bed ridden.

To protect your loved ones during the flu season, follow the basic hygiene measures. Make sure you encourage them to also get the flu vaccine. Vaccination is our best defense. When a lot of people get vaccinated, the flu doesn’t even have the chance to come into the community because flu virus is spread from one person to another.

If we are somehow able to block it from getting to the first person, then this issue of it spreading into the community doesn’t arise.

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