July 20, 2021

Outpatient Ophthalmology in Corbin, KY

Ophthalmology services at the Corbin Outpatient Surgery Center include cornea transplants and cataract treatments. Learn about outpatient ophthalmology with Baptist Health.

Outpatient Ophthalmology in Corbin, KY HealthTalks Transcript

James G. Huffman, MD, Ophthalmology:
The Baptist Health outpatient surgery center is a fully accredited surgery center that specializes in providing outpatient surgery to the patients of southeastern Kentucky. It’s more like an office setting than a hospital setting. The patient comes in, they have their preop done, they have their surgery, they go to recovery, and get to go home shortly afterward.

The ophthalmology services we provide include cataracts. We do quite a few cataracts here, well over 1,000 a year. We also have added cornea services to our practice. We can do corneal transplants, including full-thickness corneal transplants and partial-thickness corneal transplants.

The newest and the most up-to-date corneal transplants are called DMEKs, that’s doing a partial-thickness corneal graft, which reduces rejection and astigmatism. We actually provide that here. If we need to suture in a lens, we can do that. We can also take growths off the eye, including cancerous growths, but also benign growths called pterygiums. All the surgeries we provide have a very high success rate and a very low complication rate. If you combine that with a very nice setting that does not remind a patient of a hospital, but more of going into a doctor’s office, people like that and they feel quite comforted with that.

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