August 28, 2018

Home Health Care for Stroke Patients

Home Health Care for Stroke Patients

Every year approximately 795,000 Americans will suffer a stroke. This has a life-changing impact on the patient and the family. Our team of Home Care nurses and therapists can be vital in helping the patient during the recovery process. The patient will be placed in a specific stroke management program to address all aspects to help them recover and regain back their independence.

Our Skilled Nurses work with the patient and family in teaching signs and symptoms of an impending stroke, instruct on reducing risk factors to prevent another occurrence, including lifestyle modifications. We work to teach medications and their side effects and when to notify the doctor if side effects occur.  We will work with the patient in managing their medications. We provide a complete head to toe assessment and notify the physician of any changes.

Our Physical Therapist will help the patient to gain strength and restore function, coordination, balance and develop an individualized home exercise program with home adaptation, including instruction of safe ways to maneuver and transfer. Occupational Therapists work on dressing, grooming, safe bathing, toileting and cooking and teach techniques for loss of function. The Speech Therapist will work on techniques to prevent choking and assist the patient in improving language and communication skills.

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