HMH Board approves investment in 3D mammography

August 22, 2017

The HMH Board of Trustees has approved an initial investment of $1.2 million to purchase two 3D mammography units to further advance the care HMH offers Central Kentucky.

According to HMH Radiologist Sarah Callahan, M.D., the 3D technology will allow HMH to detect, diagnose and treat more invasive breast cancer sooner.

“It also reduces the number of unnecessary callbacks by as much as 40 percent,” she said.

The equipment will replace one 2D unit at HMH’s main campus and add one new unit at HMH Elizabethtown Diagnostic Imaging (EDI) at Cool Springs. The investment also includes a new needle biopsy table. HMH officials expect to have the new equipment in use before the end of the year. The remainder of the 2D units across the healthcare system will be replaced in the next 12 to 14 months.

Trustee Lisa Boone provided a personal testimony of the value of the 3D mammography when diagnosing breast cancer.

“HMH has a whole team supporting breast care from diagnosis to treatment to reconstruction,” Boone said. “3D mammography is the final piece and we have to have it.”

The approval comes on the heels of two major gifts to the HMH Foundation (HMHF) designated for 3D mammography. Local entrepreneur Kelly Emerine recently presented an $80,000 gift to the Foundation after the sale of her medication management app, Mom’s MedMinder, to HMH. Inspired by Emerine, HMHF board member and entrepreneur Mike Bowers presented a $20,000 gift to HMHF on behalf of area entrepreneurs.

HMH President and CEO Dennis Johnson called the generous gifts an important catalyst.

“3D mammography is an invaluable tool for HMH’s Multi-Disciplinary Breast Team,” said Johnson. “This technology and the gifts that made it possible represent the immeasurable value the Foundation provides our healthcare system.”