The Women's Diagnostic Center Testimonials



Lynda Lambert – Morning Show Co-Host Lambert and Lindsey Show

I owe so much to Dr. McLaughlin and his staff at Women’s Diagnostic. Early detection is extremely important in diagnosing breast cancer. Dr. McLaughlin watched me very closely for months because he saw something that troubled him. Even though my first biopsy came back negative, he repeated the procedure a few months later and on March 8th, 2006, that biopsy came back positive – breast cancer in my right breast.

The feelings that wash over you during that conversation – “you have breast cancer” – are indescribable. Dr. McLaughlin and his assistants were compassionate, supportive, and gave me every piece of information I needed to cope with my diagnosis. Even though I was falling apart at the time, they all gave me a sense of calmness and peace in the midst of chaos.

Dr. McLaughlin sent me to two other amazing physicians – my general surgeon, Dr. Craig DeWeese and my plastic surgeon, Dr. Lee Corbett – also two of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Dr. DeWeese advised that I undergo a mastectomy rather than lumpectomy because I had fibrocystic condition. After surgery, we learned that my prognosis was good – stage one, the tumor was less than half a centimeter, no lymph node involvement, and I would not have to take chemo. My oncologist, Dr. Ren LaRocca, immediately prescribed tamoxifen as a follow-up to surgery.

Many talented doctors and nurses took excellent care of me during my journey with breast cancer. We are blessed to have such a strong, reputable medical community here in Louisville. But after thanking the Lord above, the greatest share of my thanks goes to Dr. McLaughlin. He caught my cancer early, provided me with uncompromising care, and I will be forever grateful to him and to all his staff at Women’s Diagnostic.

Diane Krall

I have trusted my breast exams to Women’s Diagnostic forever. They have been there for me through every issue I’ve had, including breast cancer in 2001. Women’s Diagnostic is a wonderful place to go. Even in the waiting room, I have found other women as nervous as I have been and the staff is always cognizant of that fact. They are comforting and compassionate. They know how much is resting on their results and always strive for excellence. If you want to have a sense of security, I strongly suggest you go to Women’s Diagnostic. They operate independently and only have your best interests at heart. Dr. McLaughlin and his staff always go the extra mile.

Verna G. Goldberg

Many years ago I was looking for the perfect place to have my annual mammogram. I had two criteria: 1.) I wanted the best doctor; and 2.) I needed a program that offered me the exam and consultation at the same visit. Enter Dr. McLaughlin and Women’s Diagnostic Center! They have proven to be the best.

After years of normal results, Dr. McLaughlin found a very tiny tumor, remote and cancerous in 2004. He and his staff were absolutely the most caring and efficient team I could have had. They saw me through a lumpectomy and treatment. I have now been a cancer survivor for eight years, and I know I owe my life to this group. The choices I made all those years ago have proved to be perfect. Dr. McLaughlin and the Women’s Diagnostic Center met my needs and continue to be a part of my yearly health care plan. Thanks to you all.

Sherry Loeser

After having a suspicious mammogram, my gynecologist referred me to the Women’s Diagnostic Center for an ultrasound and spot compression. I was nervous, but optimistic on the day of my appointment. At the receptionist’s desk, I was told that I could see a doctor who would review my results for me immediately after my tests were read! I jumped at that chance, not wishing to wait another three or four days for results. The technicians who administered the ultrasound and mammogram were concerned about my comfort and very reassuring.

After the tests, I saw Dr. McLaughlin. What a kind man! He suggested that I return for a biopsy of a suspicious spot in my left breast. The technician explained what to expect, helped me make my appointment for the following day, and told me she would be taking care of me during the biopsy. I thought so highly of Dr. McLaughlin and was pleased that he performed the biopsy himself. Throughout the procedure, everyone was concerned for my comfort and well-being. I received excellent advice about caring for myself after the biopsy was over and was promised I would learn of the results between 3:00 and 5:00 the following day. Actually, I received a call around 1:15 the next day with the good news that the lump was benign. They were so thorough to make certain all was well.

Bobbi Hudson RN, BSN, OCN

I recently had my annual mammogram and was referred to Women’s Diagnostic Center for additional follow up. Despite their fine reputation, as it was my first visit there, I was somewhat apprehensive about the experience. After witnessing the caliber of care and compassion provided to the patients at the Center, I plan to have all my future checkup exams here. As an oncology nurse, I know how important it is to receive care in a specialized practice, dedicated to a particular focus.