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C2R: CREST-2 Registry

The CREST-2 Registry is a companion to accompany the CREST-2 trial for expansion of Medicare coverage for CAS to include procedures performed as part of C2R on symptomatic and asymptomatic patients beyond those categories covered under the 2005 CMS decision.

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Eligibility Criteria


Asymptomatic patients:
Age ≥ 18 and ≤ 80 and any one of the following
1.≥70% stenosis, standard surgical risk for CEA
2.≥70% stenosis, high anatomic risk for CEA
3.≥70% stenosis, high physiologic risk for CEA
Symptomatic patients:
Symptomatic patients are defined by the following characteristics: Ipsilateral carotid Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA), with neurologic symptoms persisting less than 24 hours; Ipsilateral non-disabling stroke: Modified Rankin Scale (mRS) ≤ 3; and Ipsilateral transient monocular blindness: amaurosis fugax. [Source: current Medicare NCD for CAS]


Patients with any one of the following conditions are ineligible for enrollment in C2R
1. NYHA Class IV CHF
  • COPD on chronic continuous oxygen therapy
  • Severe (Class Childs D) liver failure
  • End-stage renal failure requiring dialysis
  • Cancer with metastatic spread and/or undergoing active chemotherapeutic treatment
  • Any dementia considered greater than "mild"