May 24, 2022

Diabetes Education in New Albany, IN

diabetes education

Baptist Health Floyd: New Methods to Manage Your Diabetes

Baptist Health Floyd provides diabetes education and support by helping patients test their blood sugar on their diabetes technology devices.

Diabetes Education in New Albany, IN HealthTalks Transcript

Robin Caffee, patient:
Diabetes is a very daunting diagnosis to have because it affects everything — stress, sickness, everything. There’s nothing it doesn’t affect.

Kaimen Frideres, MS, RDN, LDN, Diabetes Care & Education:
Our role as diabetes educators is to provide not only education, but also support for our patients. We help them focus on everything from their diet to how to increase physical activity levels. We help them with their medication adherence and make sure they have a good understanding of how they work for them. We also help them with blood glucose pattern management. This means testing your blood sugar and understanding what those numbers mean. We also review a lot of the new diabetes technology that is on the market. There is certain technology out there these days. There are actually sensors out there that can detect their glucose levels for them.

Changes in diabetes technology comes out a lot. Recently, the changes have been good as far as that’s concerned. Having a pump that talks to a different device, checks my blood sugar daily, and makes small changes in my insulin delivery system is extremely helpful. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of what’s happening in between times, if you were traditionally checking your blood sugar day to day. I feel fantastic. I probably have never felt better.

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