January 28, 2020

The Dangers and Hazards of Vaping in Lexington, Kentucky

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- [Dr. Bansal] Electronic cigarette is
a battery-operated device which heats up a

liquid which contains nicotine among other
substances which gets heated up from the

vapor which the consumer inhales.

So we said there is a vapor produced.

Actually it's more of an aerosol
which has fine particles,

volatile organic compounds.

The propellant which is in there,
when it gets heated up,

it can form into potentially
cancer-causing chemicals.

So when they go in the body,
people inhale it, it can cause

inflammation in the lung.

We have a lot of cases of what you call
chronic bronchitis which is inflammation

in the lung causing cough,
sputum production.

There are cases of some unusual pneumonias
which have happened in people,

and more recently, there is a rash of
cases of acute lung injury which has

happened toward the United States and
number of deaths even in younger people

as young as 25, so which has really put
this in a focus on a national emergency

as to keep it controlled.

In my mind there is no safe cigarette,
there is no safe vaping product,

there is no safe tobacco product.

So, the earlier you quit,
the better it is.

As for regular cigarettes,
same goes for vaping or any other

commercial products which are out there.

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