January 04, 2016

Richmond’s Renovation and Expansion

Doctors PAUL TURLEY and GINA D’COSTA introduce the newly renovated and expanded Emergency Department at Baptist Health Richmond, describing its innovative technology and design.

Richmond’s Renovation and Expansion Health Talks Transcript

Todd Jones, President
Welcome to Baptist Health Richmond. In 2015, we launched a major renovation and expansion project. The areas impacted by this project include: our clinical laboratory, our women’s care area, our dining area, the exterior of our building, and in this video, you will get to see the largest part of our renovation, which is our Emergency Department and our outpatient care services area.

Paul Turley, MD, Emergency Medical Director
With the current expansion, it’s state of the art. We have computers in every room. Every room is monitored. All the patients have private rooms now with doors that close, and this tends to make them more willing to share what is going on. It definitely improves the patient experience. The patients already seem happier with their current surroundings.

Gina D’Costa, MD, Internal Medicine
The services in the outpatient services area include outpatient registration, mammography, ultrasound, X-ray, pre-admission testing, primary function tests, and outpatient laboratory. As a physician, I know many times patients receive multiple tests, and it’s helpful that they can have all these outpatient services in one area.

Our journey to improve your community hospital is about one thing: putting patients first. Providing services that are efficient and convenient, adding advanced technology to aid in treatment and diagnosis, adding physicians and advanced care professionals and specialties where needed, and improving our hospital buildings is about providing the care that you would expect from your community hospital. Welcome to Baptist Health Richmond.

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