January 28, 2020

Pediatric Care Doctors in Paducah, Kentucky

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- [Dr. Schell] Baptist Medical Group

we are a group of physicians and
nurse practitioners, five total,

who provide care from newborns through 18
years of age.

- [Kari] I'm glad that Dr. Schell and his
group have decided to join Baptist Health.

I feel like it's easy as parents to be
able to get those referrals whenever we

need specialty care that requires

Keeping it within that Baptist network and
getting in and getting out very quickly is

a huge advantage.

- Parents are more involved in their
child's care.

Use to it was we did what the doctor said,
but now I think it's more of a team

approach for the doctor and the parent to
decide what's going to be done

with their child.

I believe it is very crucial that the
child comes to us on a regular basis and

he recognizes us when he comes in because
he's used to seeing us and that gives him

more confidence and makes he or she not as

When you know a family,
you know the patient,

you know how they are,
that helps you make decisions

concerning their healthcare.

- So if I ever have any concerns, it's
always easy for me just to call Dr. Schell

in his office and make sure that they get
seen because I'd rather be safe than sorry

when it comes to their health.

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The Baptist Health Pediatric Unit is specially designed to be friendly, attractive and appealing to children throughout Kentucky. We understand that children are not just miniature adults.

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