February 28, 2024

Meet Our Certified Nurse Midwives in Paducah, KY

Image of Sherri Lynn, APRN

Sherri Lynn, APRN:

My role as a certified nurse midwife here in Paducah is to take care of the entire woman, be with woman. So I take her from all the way when she's starting to plan to conceive all the way through her pregnancy experience and then on into the postpartum period.

Torunn Johnson:

It's intimate. I feel like she knows me more as an individual and not just as a patient. She knows what I'm looking for, really specifically on my second pregnancy, I had a breech baby and she knew I really wanted to deliver naturally. She just kind of held my hand through every single week and just said, "We're going to get there. We're going to do what we can to get you what you want, and just to make sure you're safe and the baby's safe."

She goes to specialized training for all these specific little things. She just came out of a class called Spinning Babies that have focused on flipping breech babies, and so she takes her work an extra step, and she just offers a whole different viewpoint from a natural perspective.

Sherri Lynn:

I collaborate with a team of obstetricians to give women the desired pregnancy experience, birthing experience that they desire and deserve.

Torunn Johnson:

After going through each of my pregnancy journeys and getting one-on-one experience with her, I would say that we are very fortunate in Paducah to have her. I couldn't imagine this experience without her.

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