May 07, 2015

Delivering Special Care for Newborns

Baptist Health La Grange: Delivering Special Care for Newborns

Obstetrician DANIELLE M. MANN, DO, describes the ways doctors and nurses at Baptist Health La Grange encourage and facilitate mother-baby bonding, and provide breast-feeding support.

Delivering Special Care for Newborns Health Talks Transcript

Danielle M. Mann, DO

When you are bringing your child into the world, it’s the most miraculous experience. And I think that it’s one of those experiences that is so surreal, that you look back on it and you can’t help but smile. I think for any mother who’s had a baby, and has experienced kangaroo care — or skin-to-skin care is the other thing that we call it — it is the most wonderful bonding experience that you can have with your baby. It is an hour of dedicated time where your baby lays on your own skin, so you have skin-to-skin contact with the baby. It’s comforting for the baby because the baby can hear mom’s heartbeat. It’s wonderful for temperature control, and it also helps to promote breast feeding, so that first hour, we really protect that hour, and encourage moms to keep the baby on their chest to promote all those great things for mom and baby. We encourage all of our moms to breast-feed. We have many lactation consultants here on the unit, and so there is always somebody certified in lactation who can help assist in breast-feeding, and I think our nurses do a wonderful job with that. When you go home, you will hear from our lactation consultants. They will call you at home, just to make sure that everything’s going well, and just so you have a support system to keep encouraging you to breast-feed.

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