September 12, 2017

Newly Renovated Women’s Center

Baptist Health La Grange: Newly Renovated Women’s Center

Doctors Katherine Jett, MD, and Matt McDanald, MD, describe how Baptist Health La Grange’s renovated Women’s Center improves the birthing experience and prepares mothers to care for their babies.

Newly Renovated Women’s Center HealthTalks Transcript

Katherine H. Jett, MD
At Baptist Health La Grange, our goal is for our pediatricians and our obstetricians to work together to ensure the health of mom and baby. We really want to make sure that mom and baby are both healthy, and we’re setting our families up for success once they’re discharged home.

Matt McDanald, MD
The George & Beverly Rawlings Women’s Center has some updated new features, including an expanded triage unit that we use to triage patients and decide if they are in labor or if they need to be admitted to the hospital. The hydrotherapy tub allows people to immerse themselves in the tub during labor and get pain relief naturally without the use of medications or epidurals. The new expansion really allows us to take care of patients all the way through their labor experience, including the expanded nursery and taking care of the babies afterward as well.

Dr. Jett
After babies are born, we encourage moms and babies to room-in as much as possible. It helps moms learn to care for their newborns and, if they encounter problems or issues, they can call our nurses right away and get those questions addressed. It helps with breast-feeding, because the baby’s right there, and mom doesn’t have to wait for someone to bring them there. I think it also helps prepare our moms better for when they are going to go home and they are going to be with their babies one-on-one.

Dr. McDanald
Our goal is to allow people who live in this community to feel comfortable in a safe environment to deliver here close to home.

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