November 03, 2015

Advanced MRI Technology

Baptist Health Richmond: Advanced MRI Technology

DUSTIN DEVERS, DO, describes the new technology used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which provides a more accurate diagnosis and more comfortable experience for patients.

Advanced MRI Technology Health Talks Transcript

Dustin Devers, DO, Family Medicine
An MRI is basically a test that we use to further evaluate potential problems. Clinical suspicion is high for an injury, particularly in an area of the body that we don’t have better visualization of. The new MRI allows for a patient to have more ease and comfort during the testing, whether it’s from light preferences to the size of the room to move, breathe. It allows for a lot more comfort during the test. This results in better picture quality and eases in the diagnosis. Looking at the old technology versus the new technology, it’s very much similar to looking at some of the older televisions versus some of the newer, higher image quality clarification. And, when you’re talking about small structures, particularly inside the knees, shoulders, neck, back, it’s very important to have that clarity and that concise picture that allows for a more definitive diagnosis and will essentially lead to better outcomes. So, having this advanced MRI in this community is great. It’s great for the community in general; it’s great for the patients, great for clinicians trying to deliver quality healthcare to the region. It makes me feel that I can provide the best care for patients, not that I send them somewhere else for further testing. I can do everything right here local and that’s extremely helpful.

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