June 28, 2019

Best Sleeping Positions

Sleep Positions

Most people have a sleeping position that they find to be the best way to sleep. However, every position has its health benefits and drawbacks. So, which of the common sleeping positions is the best sleeping position? Read on to learn more.

Back Sleeping Positions

Do you like sleeping on your back? If so, you help make up the approximately 37 percent of people who prefer to sleep that way, with different variations in the position of their arms and legs.

Starfish Sleeping Position

This uncommon position describes sleepers who sleep on their back with their legs stretched out and their arms above their heads — as if they are starfish on land.

  • May increase snoring
  • Not ideal for those with sleep apnea
  • May be helpful for acid reflux
  • Best with a mattress that offers good support

Soldier Sleeping Position

Think of a toy soldier — this sleeper is on their back with their face towards the ceiling and arms straight by his/her side — as if they are standing at attention.

  • Allows proper alignment of back and neck
  • Leaves neck in a neutral position, decreasing the risk of premature wrinkles
  • May increase snoring

Side Sleeping Positions

Some people feel that being on their side is the best way to sleep. Within the side sleeping category, there are a number of good sleeping positions. The best sleeping position among them is, of course, a matter of opinion.

Log Sleeping Position

Sleepers in this popular position have both arms down while sleeping on their side.

  • Keeps the spine straight, which benefits those with back pain
  • Left-side log sleeping promotes digestion
  • Right-side log sleeping may promote acid reflux
  • May compress nerves in the arms and legs

Yearner Sleeping Position

This can be described as sleepers who are on their side with both arms out as if they are reaching out for something.

  • Not ideal for those with neck or back pain
  • Right-side yearner sleeping may cause acid reflux
  • Left-side yearner sleeping improves digestion

Fetal Sleeping Position

Also described as baby position, sleepers curl their legs underneath them and often have one arm wrapped around the pillow. This is the most popular sleeping position.

  • Most popular sleep position
  • A good choice for pregnant women
  • May help prevent or reduce snoring
  • Tends to cause the fewest sleep interruptions

Stomach Sleeping Positions

Many people consider stomach sleeping to be the best way to sleep. It is the proper sleeping posture for some health conditions, but not the best sleeping position for others.

Freefall Sleeping Position

Sleeping in this position can be described as resting on your stomach with the head turned to either side and hands holding the pillow.

  • Promotes good digestion
  • Proven to help minimize snoring
  • Puts pressure on joints and muscles, and can cause numbness, tingling, and pain
  • Not recommended for those with back problems

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